Mario Fernández Baeza

•  Law Degree and Social Sciences, University of Chile, 1983.

•  Admitted to the Bar, Supreme Court, 1983.

•  MA in Public Law, University of Chile, 1983-1985.

•  Diploma in Western Society, Adolfo Ibáñez University, 1988.

•  Diploma in Methodological Analysis in Strategic Intelligence, Institute of Public Affairs, Department of Political Science, University of Chile, 2008.

•  Diploma in Communicative Intelligence Analysis, Institute of Communications, Mayor University, 2009.

•  Attorney and Deputy Director of the Prevision Fund of the National Defense, 1984-1995.

•  Legal Adviser of well-known and prestigious public institutions, such as: Comptroller General’s Office, Ministry of Public Works, National Environmental Commission, Subtel, etc.

•  Legal Adviser of well-known and prestigious private companies, such as: Endesa, Metrogas, Hidroaysén, Natural Gas Distributors Association, etc.

•  Member of the Conciliation Commission for the Concession ‘Santiago-Valparaíso-Viña del Mar’, appointed by Supreme Decree No. 1969, Public Works, November 10th, 2009.

•  Head of the Legal Division, Ministry of the Interior, March 11th, 2010 up until his presidential appointment as Minister of the Constitutional Court.

•  Professor of Administrative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Chile, 1990-1997, as well as in different private universities (Gabriela Mistral, Santo Tomás and Diego Portales Universities), for more than twenty five years.

•  Former Director of the Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University for Development.

•  Visiting scholar, PhD courses (International and SEK Universities), LLM (University for Development, Adolfo Ibáñez and Diego Portales Universities) and at several graduate courses as well.

•  Conference lecturer or speaker.

•  Member of the Permanent Forum on Administrative Law in the Countries of MERCOSUR, Buenos Aires (September 1997) and Curitiba (March 1998).

•  Minister of the Constitutional Court, appointed by President Sebastián Piñera, July 12th, 2010, replacing former Minister José Luis Cea Egaña, until March 15th, 2013.

•  Minister of the Constitutional Court, appointed by President Sebastián Piñera, March 16th, 2013, for a term of nine years, until March 16th, 2022.



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