Gonzalo García

•  Law Degree, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 1989.

•  Admitted to the Bar, Supreme Court, 1993.

•  LLM in Constitutional Law, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 1996.

•  Doctor in Laws – Fundamental Rights, Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain, 2006.

•  Professor of Political Theory and Constitutional Law, Faculties of Law, Universities: Andrés Bello, 1990-1994; Alberto Hurtado, 2001-2011; and Adolfo Ibáñez, 2009-2011.

•  Professor of Constitutional Interpretation, LLM in Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 1996 and 2000-2003.

•  Publications on military, police and constitutional law issues and law reports.

•  Litigator before the Constitutional Court of Chile, 2010

•  Rapporteur of the National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation, 1990-1991.

•  Legal Adviser to the Judicial Division, Ministry of Justice, 1991.

•  Legal Adviser to the Culture Division, Ministry of Education, 1992.

•  Legal Adviser, Under-secretariat of the Interior, 2000-2001.

• Researcher of the Civil-military Relations Program, Center for Development Studies (CED), 1992-1993.

•  Head of the Advisory Committee, Ministry of National Defense, 1994-1997.

•  Head of the Public Safety Division, Ministry of the Interior, 2000-2004.

•  Legal counsel to the Minister, Ministry of the Interior, 2004-2005.

•  Undersecretary of the Navy, 2005-2006.

•  Researcher and Chairman of the Centre for Development Studies, 2010.

•  He has published the following books:

     – ‘Democratic subordination of the military’, together with Juan Esteban Montes. Atena, Centre for Development Studies, 1994.

    – ‘The legal reserve of constitutional rights: Legislature against the administration ?’. Collection of Legal Research, University Alberto Hurtado, 2004.

     -‘And what about the military? Chile, 1990-2002’, together with Juan Esteban Montes Ibáñez. Centre for Development Studies, 2004.

•  Minister of Constitutional Court, appointed by the Senate, April 8th, 2011, replacing former Minister Mario Fernández Baeza, until March 15th, 2013.

•  Minister of Constitutional Court, appointed by the Senate, on the proposal of the Chamber of Deputies (or House of Representatives), March 6th, 2013, for a term of nine years, until March 6th, 2022.

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